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Get in line to experience a unique coastal city filled with many wonders. With its pleasant climate and sprawling beaches, Hurghada is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Interestingly enough, the city was only founded at the beginning of the last century! What was once recognizable as a small fishing village, now attracts tourists from all over the world! Its natural islands not only provide ideal diving spots in the Red Sea, but they also make a thriving environment for rare flora and fauna. Today, you get to enjoy a fantastic set of resorts where the culture of Egypt shines through. Moreover, you will also be given an opportunity to try a variety of water sports.

With a population of about 240,000 citizens and with a lovely view of the Red Sea to the east, a pedestrian road that stretches for a few miles, and so much more, Hurghada should definitely be your next destination. Resorts, hotels, restaurants – this city has all that you can name. And without further ado, let’s look into the marvelous city of Hurghada.


What tourists seem to love most about this part of Egypt is that the climate is considered pleasant throughout the year. The temperatures are quite agreeable, regardless of whether you wish to pay a visit in the winter or during summer. Because of the subtropical desert climate, the summers are extremely hot and dry, while the winters are warm and sunny. The average temperature is 24°C / 76.0 °F, being highest in August 36°C / 96°F, and lowest in January 9°C / 47 °F. If you are one of those people who want to revel in the heat, then plan your travel itinerary between the months of April and October. On the other hand, if you are looking for a laid-back and pleasantly warm vacation, then think about the winter months as your best time to travel.

Fact about Hurghada

  • The name Hurghada comes from a plant that had grown naturally in that specific area in ancient times.

  • Oil was discovered in abundance in 1913 but extraction did not start until almost a decade later, in 1920.

  • Up until its creation as a large resort city in 1980, Hurghada was a small fishing village.

  • The city of Hurghada is home to the biggest marine life in the world.

  • Senzo Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the area.

Brief History

Once a small village, the now world-famous city of Hurghada was first created in 1905. As we just mentioned above, this village’s citizens discovered plenty of oil in the area, but it took them about eight years to start drilling and exporting it.

Since then, several conflicts have affected this city, the main one being when it was fortified by Egyptian troops and used as a radar post. Throughout history, it has been a target of many operations, but thankfully, in 1980, the dust had settled, and people started focusing on the development of the city that is well-known today.

Today, Hurghada is one of the biggest foreign and domestic tourism sports in Egypt. Thanks to the incredible landscape, the far-stretching beaches, the clear waters, and the wonderful climate, it has become incredibly popular among tourists from all over the world.

Places to visit

Mini Egypt

We are starting off our list with this incredible place that is an absolute must-see! Mini Egypt is an open-air museum located just outside Hurghada. It contains miniature models of each and every of the most famous buildings and monuments in Egypt. You can easily make your trip educational by visiting the site and learning more about Egyptian history along the way.

El Dahar Bazaar

Located north of the Hurghaa’s luxury resorts, lies the Old Town El Dahar, a place where you can explore a variety of authentic restaurants and shops. Let the narrow streets and old buildings take you on a small adventure, and enjoy every second of it. The bazaar comes to life every day from around noon, offering various goods. Deepen your experience by negotiating a price – the sellers will be pleased with that!

Sand City

Once again, all you need to do is step out of the city and head toward the Sand City of Hurghada. This is yet another open-air museum; only this time, the place is predominated by marvelous sand sculptures. It truly offers an impressive sight, and the fact that these masterpieces are made by artists from a few countries further adds to their value. What makes this place even more fun is the assortment of superhero, mythological and Disney sculptures you will find in the exhibit!

El Mina Mosque

exploring Egyptian culture is, perhaps, the most treasured aspect of your trip. Close to the Hurghada Marina, you can find the most beautiful mosque in the area- El Mina Mosque. The place of prayer is decorated with white marble, chandeliers, detailed carvings, and Islamic murals. You can only enter if there is no prayer or any other religious service.

Makadi Water World

Located just outside of the city lies the infamous Makadi Water World- one of the largest water parks in the country. It offers great opportunities to spend a day relaxing and enjoying water activities with the more than 50 water slides it contains. You can make a whole day out of it because there is a restaurant where you can take a break from all the fun and fuel your body before you head for another adventure.

Jungle Aqua Park

another one of the famous Hurghada attractions, Jungle Aqua Park is a place where you can spend a day by yourself, with your friends, or with your family. The many water slides can provide you with the right adrenaline boost and elevate the overall venture. It truly offers an experience like no place else


Snorkelling in the Red Sea

Take a look at the adventure opportunity in front of you, and do not let it pass by! Of course, we are going to start this list with the incredible activity – snorkeling! It will allow you to enjoy the coral reefs of the Red Sea and the colorful fishes under the surface of this wonderful sea.

USD 30

Do some water sports

What makes Hurghada extremely popular is the variety of water sports available. The Red Sea boasts the right opportunities to try them all, which we eagerly suggest. Try jet skis, kayaks, and banana boats, and spend a refreshing day amidst the unbearable heat.

USD 45

Hurghada at night

Visiting the marina is the best choice you can make if you wish to explore Hurghada during the night. Once the night falls, the marina comes to life, giving you the opportunity to enjoy it at one of the many bars, restaurants, and shops!


Quad bike safari in the desert

Due to the variety of water activities tourists can try, they often forget that there is quite some adventure awaiting onshore. Among the most popular activities in the desert is the quad bike safari. This is a great way to experience the desert landscape in all its glory. Simply drive off into the sunset and enjoy your ride.

USD 60

A submarine trip

This is the logical solution for those who wish to see life under the sea yet are not great diving or snorkeling fans. Take a look at the flora and fauna that are hidden under the surface and discover new vibrant colors. On a submarine, there are plenty of panoramic windows and seats, giving you the unique experience of diving without getting wet.

USD 30

Diving at Gota Abu Ramada

commonly known as “The Aquarium”, Gota Abu Ramada is a popular dive site that allows you to explore the variety of marine life and coral reefs. This can easily be converted into e beginner-friendly activity if you are a novice diver. This is an ideal adventure trip that will allow you first-hand experience the vibrant sea life, and encounter tigerfish, lionfish, and clownfish, among all else.

USD 80

Camel riding

regardless of whether you are interested in taking a short stroll along the beach or a longer one into the desert, you can amplify your experience by riding on a camel. The latter usually head out to one of the Bedouin settlements near the city, offering you a chance to admire the desert’s landscape and craggy mountains.

USD 70

Star gazing

although you cannot glance at the twinkling stars in the center of Hurghada, you can take one of the popular astronomical tours that are organized on a day-to-day basis. This will give you the opportunity to gaze into the starry night from the lonely desert and witness the remarkable beauty of the night sky. You will also receive a telescope so that you can explore everything in more detail.


Travel Tips

As a tourist, you might be advised to only drink bottled water. Abide by that recommendation. You can find bottled water anywhere – in supermarkets, stores, and cafes. We also recommend that you avoid drinking cocktails with ice.

Even though you can pay anywhere with the Egyptian national currency, many shops and restaurants will allow you to pay in dollars and euros, as well. If you have come to Hurghada for a shopping trip, we recommend having at least a few currencies.

For nightlife lovers, there are many local bars and discos, and most of them have an entrance fee. But, in most of them, the entrance fee comes as a prepaid bill, and you can get your drink at the bar!

Pay attention to the dress code. Although the strict dress code requirements do not apply to tourists, we recommend that you wear modest clothing to avoid unwanted attention.

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