Once you start looking for your next travel location and don’t know where to begin, we might be able to assist you. If you want to avoid crowded popular destinations, then today we have a true hidden gem for you – it’s Albania!

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This wonderful country in the Balkans is considered to have some of the most beautiful azure beaches in the world, yet it is still not the first choice for many. It features an amazing clash of cultures, an alluring coastline, and Mediterranean cuisine. If you decide to take a trip to this colorful country, here is a small list of the spots you should definitely be sightseeing in Albania!


This town is known as one of the most beautiful ones you can explore in Albania. It has gained its popularity with the help of the houses – all of them are built in the same style, the Ottoman style. You can also notice that this place is called a city of thousand windows because the windows of the houses are all perfectly aligned. It is quite a picturesque place to visit.

Butrint National Park

This national park is incredibly close to the Greek island Corfu, and it is a beautiful place to visit. Nature and history come together to create this unique national park that has some incredible archeological sites. Sightseeing in Albania has been made easier with the discovery of this location. If you are looking for an Albania travel destination, this one should be among the first ones on your list.


Albania is known for the beautiful beaches that serve crystal clear waters. This is why the city of Sarande is an excellent way for you to spend your vacation! A beautiful Albania travel destination, the seafront will require your full and undivided attention. After a while, you will notice that you are not just sightseeing in Albania, but you are giving a chance for your entire body and mind to relax and enjoy the moment.


Last but not least, the wonderful city of Shkodra has so much to offer! If you want to do some cultural sightseeing in Albania, note that this is the cultural capital of the country. It is the host city for events such as jazz festivals, children’s festivals, many carnivals, and a lake day! While you are sightseeing, you can stumble upon some buildings that had a significant role during the First Balkan War. There is also a lake near the city that you can visit. Finally, the cuisine in this city is the best one in the entire country.

Sightseeing in Albania has never been better than now as the county has progressed immensely in the past decade, making every spot easily accessible. You have the option to visit all kinds of places and enjoy the richness of their culture and history. The food is also incredible, so, all you need to do is select the dates and pack your bags!

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